About us

Our Vision

To be a global leader in the fight against cybercrime, protecting the digital assets and information of our clients with the highest level of security and integrity.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes secure their networks and data, and to providing the highest level of service and support in the industry.

Our History


Partnership with Cypher.dog

We always look for unique solutions, that's why we decided to partnership with Cypher.dog Inc. A promising start up with an extra ordinary, secure communicator.


Joined the Millennium Micro Group Family

Hard work pays off! And we've been recognised and became a proud member of the GMM family.


Halifax, NS Office

We've open an Easter division branch located in Halifax, NS to provide a better service to our customers on the East coast.



After three years of a steady and successful grow, the decision could be only one. 


Vancouver, BC Office

After a few years wandering over the GVA, we might found what we've been looking for. We moved to Vancouver, BC!


Partnership with Avast Antivirus

From now on we can provide Avast security solutions to all our customers! 


Partnership with Microsoft!

Wow! It's a big one. Starting from June 3rd 2019 we proudly provide and support Microsoft software and cloud solutions.


Partnership with iTel networks

Each and every business deserves a premium Internet. That's why after a few years of using the Internet provided by iTel networks we decided to extend our offer and together with iTel provide a great Internet experience.


Back to Langley, BC

There is something about Langley, BC... Well, we moved again!


Moving again! - Abbotsford, BC

After almost a year spent in Langley BC, we moved to a larger office in Abbotsford, BC.



On October 25th 2017 the journey began. 

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